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Episode 13 and the Rising parallel:

Back in the day, when T&B was being broadcasted, a fan pointed out the terrified look on Jake’s face, and speculated that it was because he was reading Barnaby’s heart, you can see his powers activated, and probably shit on his pants reading the deep hatred Barnaby felt for him and how Barnaby was probably going to strangle him to death.

As Barnaby points out in the Rising novel, he was no different from Andrew:

"There was something he knew now. When one loses somebody he cares about, revenge does little to soothe the sorrow. Hatred just fuels one’s inner hunger. If one is not liberated from it in the true sense of the word, the tragedy will simply go on." (yes, hello there Power of Justice/Mind Game lyrics)

But thanks to someone who made him care for anything else besides revenge he could firmly say:

“What I want to save… is you.”
 You don’t know how much power this phrase has gained after each repeat of the movie.
Now you know why I was mad at the balcony scene when Kotetsu talked about money, it tasted like rotten shit to think he didn’t realise that the man in front of him could have everything but decided to have that everything with him by his side.



People doing good!

A couple of these I came across randomly, but most of them were found here.

Tragically beautiful… because even the littler kindnesses surprise us so much.


sickest burn ever.

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Yokozawa No Baai

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